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Swifts Passion Fruit Tabs

Refreshingly Portioned Tabs

When life hands you Swifts Tabs, Step outside of the box and turn the music up! The slightly cannabis infused fruity tabs invigorate your taste buds as they melt the day away, leaving you deliciously free. #alwaysextraordinary

Fruity & Refreshing

A carefully crafted dissolvable tab with a refreshing passion fruit tab with a little cannabis kick. Swifts Passion Fruit Tabs come in a convenient sturdy tin and packaged in 10 piece packets. At 5mg THC per tab, these are great for on the go while staying in control of your cannabis experience.

What is Micro-dosing?

New to cannabis? Looking for the experience without getting ‘to stoned’? Micro-dosing is a great way to control the amount of cannabis you consume to get that perfect feeling. These tabs are precisely portioned at only 5mg per piece so you are in complete control for the best experience.

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Gluten Free




Sugar Free



Variations Available
  • 100mg THC

Sorbitol, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Magnesium Stearate (vegan), Stevia, Natural and Artificial Flavors,  Annatto (red color), Sunflower Oil, Distillate Cannabis Extract (ethanol)

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