For an Experience that's Always Extraordinary

Swifts Edibles has precise and creative method for consistently dosed handcrafted edibles and terpene packed single strain smokables.

Forged by a talented group of determined and daring entrepreneurs, Swifts Edibles has grown to include precisely infused gummies, mints, and honey for a controlled yet delicious cannabis experience.

Cannabis Infused Concoctions

Swifts Edibles

Mints and Tabs


CannaBees Honey

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Terpene Infused Smokables


Infused Pre-Rolls

100% Full Flower, Kief & Distillate

For a perfectly smooth smoke

Infused Blunts

Great for special occasions or to share with a friend.
DIPPED blunts are packed full of strain specific flower and wrapped in smooth smoking tobacco-free matcha leaves.

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